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    Anonymous said: Can you do semi realistic art? Like, something sort of realistic but at the same time with a cute twist to it? If that makes sense.

    Send me a message off anon and we can talk about it :)

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    ~ Sunday, October 12 ~

    Anonymous said: How much do commissions normally range from?

    It reallyyyyy depends on what it is and how long it takes me to do. I usually start at $20.

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    ~*~*~Shopping for new clothes to go shopping for more clothes in~*~*~

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    OKAY GATHER AROUND FOR A STORY. So I’m petty sure I had an eye infection last week and I’ve been slowly recovering from it. It came back yesterday when I was moving stuff in the loft at work (its super duper dusty up there and I got allergic). Today I decided to wear glasses but I have really unflattering frames, so I basically gave up on the rest of my look and be totally NOT bae.
    I had two customers ask me out on a date (A boy and girl). And everyone is like really nice to me today. It’s really weird. It doesn’t make me feel confident, just confused and a little flattered?

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    ~ Monday, October 6 ~

    I don’t really know what to post most of the time, what would you guys like me to post more of? I need some ideas, help me blog!!! What do you guys like to read about? :)

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    Thanks for entering my giveaway! @whispersincursive was the lucky winner :) I’ll have another giveaway soon.


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